“I’m torn between the Hipster and the Casual Weightlifter. Are there any additional features you could add to sweeten the deal?”

“Both models have optional add-ons.  Micro-brewing, Niche Tastes, and Ironic Comprehension for the Hipster, and Four Pack, +25 lbs, and Tank Tops for the Weightlifter. I would actually recommend considering the Fat Hipster; it’s substantially cheaper than the standard Hipster. If you chose that model, you could also fit the Casual Weightlifter in your budget, or even the Middle-Aged Former Track Star.”

“I don’t know. My wife has her own Paragon, I think we should match.”

“Which one is she?”

“Fake Geek Girl.”

“Hmm. In that case, I recommend the Sportsball Fan. You should get along quite nicely.”

Prompt: Paragon


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