Remedial Pathology

“I’ve found the remedy.”

“How? Our scientists have been studying the water for months without results, how did you find a solution?”

“The answer was in the leaves.””Not this again. Our division doesn’t think your little divination habit is cute. Stop wasting funds on superstition.”
“My extracurricular activities are none of your business. I don’t say anything about your unorthodox use of the gyroscope.”

“Fine, whatever, go on already.”

“The stones showed signs of gradual dissolution, like everything else that we exposed to the water, but the leaves resisted its effects. Why is that?”

“Well, why is that? You’re the one with the answers.”

“It’s- I’m just trying to include you in the conversation.”

“I don’t care about audience participation, I care about results. Hurry it along.”

“The leaves can’t be dissolved by the substance because they contain vacuoles.”

“Our cells can’t remove the toxins because animal cells don’t contain vacuoles, which are particularly effective at removing this substance from the body.”

“That’s the most ridiculous thing you’ve ever said, and you’ve said a lot of ridiculous things.”

“Vacuoles remove unwanted substances from cells! Everyone knows that.”

“…your ‘remedy’ is plant people, isn’t it.”

“It’s a perfectly reasonable gengineering project and I don’t know why you can’t just accept that!”

“Right. Get back to work.”

Prompt: Remedy


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