Where Were You?

“He has gone too far.”

“I know this.”

“His life is not worth this. It will be dearly bought with the lives of thousands of others.”

“I know this.”

“His cruelty is renowned throughout the country, and even on further shores.”

“I know this.”

“You are kind.”

“I cannot meddle in their affairs lightly.”

“I am well aware. I know this.”

“How will they find my solution? An act of God is hardly what I want for them. They must learn to rely on one another. They need to grow and thrive.”

“I simply ask your permission, father.”

“It is done.”

“We will find another with the potential to lead. We will find a human who can avert the end of the universe. This one will go to his grave before he can truly destroy them. Thank you, Lord.”

“Thank you, Accuser. We will save them yet.”

Prompt: Meddle


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