Justice is Blind

At Roxbury Farms, they grow all kinds of things, none of them vegetables. When the chief put me on the case, I honestly expected to find an illegal memory operation, or organ replacement services. Instead, I found something unprecedented.

It was a slow month at the precinct. One drug bust here, one case of identity theft, and a missing person that, once again, turned out to be spending too much time in the cloud. To tell the truth, I wasn’t expecting this case to be make or break. That’s why I didn’t bring Will. He had some personal issues with one of his linkmates, and it’s not my job to listen to him whine about it. Not when we’re on the clock. 

When I got to the farm, I expected them to hide what they were doing. I already called ahead, telling them I was looking to buy some produce. Turns out that lie gave me away.

Can I be straight with you? I think I can, I mean, we have a lot in common, right? Maybe not. Maybe that’s not how this works. But I gotta say, I really wasn’t expecting you. Thirty minutes wandering around that place, and I didn’t realize that they were keeping me away from the house. I never asked. I stayed in the barn and the field and while I wasted my time trying to get the truth out of them, they made you.

The truth. What is that? Hard to tell with the cloud and clones and cyborgs. The truth is that I have a clone who’s my age, and I’m a police officer. And I didn’t expect this, but you’re my family. Whatever they’re promising you, it can’t be worth throwing family under the bus. Just tell them the truth, and we can still fix this.

Prompt: Candor (Write a story of any length that includes the following, “The truth?  What is that?”)


1 thought on “Justice is Blind”

  1. Thanks for joining in with the Weekend Writing Prompt. I really enjoyed your story and take on the prompt. I thought, “Hard to tell with the cloud and clones and cyborgs” was a great line. 🙂


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