Plenty of Fish in the Stars

You remember how it is in Georgia, we do things different. Now you’re used to boys with no facial hair, body mods, and piercings everywhere you can pierce, but we don’t do that here. Maybe you go to the station for school and an asteroid for the culture, but no Georgia peach wants to live out in the cold, black void. You want a little bit of homegrown Southern comfort.

Oh, uh, sorry, not interested. I thought you were organic.

Prompt: Peach


3 thoughts on “Plenty of Fish in the Stars”

  1. ok, I like this Six. (Doing that odd, ‘ok, so you’re not totally clear what’s going on here, but suppose the author intended this….wait, don’t say anything, wait for more comments!)
    Welcome to Sixville… the of the biggest little stories in the ‘sphere!


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