Falling Into Shadow

It takes a certain kind of person to accept reality. When all it takes to find a better world is jumping to the right dimension, it takes someone with a lot of resolve. Why have the drab gray of cloudy skies over concrete? Why stay in a city always decaying?

There are other places. Wild places, where plants growth uncontrollably, overtaking civilization. Sunny places, where life has nothing to stop it. There are other places, safe places, where life is stagnant, unchanging. Not in this place.

In our city, we see devastation inching closer day by day, and we laugh. 

Credit: Bikurgurl

Prompt: Sunny


3 thoughts on “Falling Into Shadow”

  1. Passionate cries for nature — I ardently agree! The cold should, the Seattle Freeze, is a real thing as this is the city the image comes from – and the wild places, they really are just beyond the grasping reaches of the city. I love the way you juxtapose nature and the city – as two polar opposites vying for attention and voice; it’s really a lovely perspective written so passionately and persuasively, as a reader I want to go to those wild, untamed places. Well done! Thank you for joining our happy writing community — I hope you’ll join us every week you are moved to do so ❤ Welcome!


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