Rota Fortunae

Each month has two primary signs, defined as the signs which the sun enters during the month. Some astrologers assign significance to the waning sign, but I do not. As such, we will pay no mind to Libra when discussing June signs. The entrance of a planet into a sign takes precedence over the exit unless aspects are involved. The wheel of the cosmos travels in one direction only.

The two signs of this month represent selfless sacrifice. Servus, the Kneeler, represents a hero in service of the people. Spinea Corona, the crown of thorns, represents the punishments we heap on those who sacrifice. Together, they make June a good month for volunteer work. Service in general is indicated when either sign appears in a natal chart, especially when Neptune or the Moon also appears there. A Servus Moon with a Spinea Corona Sun promises a life of selfless service defined by sacrifice, while the reverse promises a tireless defender of the downtrodden.

Servus (June 5 – June 19)

Spinea Corona (June 20 – July 4)

Prompt: Wheel


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