Visual Effects

“Do you think they’re confused about the lights?”


“When they’re migrating, do you think the lights trip them up?”

“It’s based on the weather. They use the change in the temperature to decide when to take flight.”

“We should turn them off.”

“We’re not turning off the lights for some birds, Levi.”

“Can we do it for us? Lighting messes up human sleep patterns, even if it doesn’t affect birds.”

“Lots of things mess with human sleep patterns. Should we throw out all our coffee while we’re at it?”

“Don’t you think it’s better to be in tune with nature?”



“If humans were living naturally, we’d die of tooth infections by thirty.”

“Don’t you ever just want to unplug?


“Who was it?”

“I’m sorry. Daisy mentioned it, and I thought it couldn’t hurt to just suggest it.”

“Tell her not to come around here again.”

“I can’t do that! Don’t you think that’s a little harsh? You could try it once.”

“I’m not a toy, Levi. If you need to know what it’s like that much, just use my memory banks.”

“It’s not the same that way and you know it.”

“I’m sorry I’m depriving you of an essential human experience. If you want it that badly, you can just rip your eyes out.”

“I wanted us to try something together. If you’re going to be this much of a bitch about it, we won’t.”

“Let’s just watch the sun set.”

“Okay. Love you.”


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