As Necessary As Storms

Imogene swirled her wine in her glass. The sight was absorbing. It was like the winds or the waves during a storm, stirred into motion by something powerful, urgent, and transient. The storm would pass, but the ripple effects would outlast it.

Thinking about it metaphorically made it seem easy. It was abstract and inevitable. There would be consequence, but the damage would be small compared to the changes to how the world worked. It was natural. It was worth it.

What they were doing wasn’t natural. Imogene had calculated every alliance and every vote to bring her plan together. She divorced her husband to keep suspsicion off them. Jason sued, but she had never let on about her true intentions.

The company was as good as hers now. Soon she would have every right to pull the troops out of the field, and no one would say anything against her. Her coup was as good as done.

Imogene sipped her wine. There was something claustrophobic about independence.

Prompt: Declaration of Independence


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