Venom Is Thicker

This week’s photo prompt is provided by Kecia Spartin

“You only have to hold it still. I do all the work. We’ve done this before.”

“I want more from life then snakes, sister.”

“Then give me only as much of your time as I gave you, sister.”

“See how it moves! It sees us and the jaws of death that move in to bite.”

“Which of us has the deadly jaws, sister? Yours are the words that sting with every strike.”

“I work honestly. You offer only snake oil.”

“Every part of the snake is valuable. You dismiss what you don’t understand.”

“Reason is all we have, sister.”

“No room left for love?”

“I have changed too much to love you.”

“Of course. I understand. I have a face only a mother could love.”

(Photo by Mrs. White)


8 thoughts on “Venom Is Thicker”

      1. When your character said she had a face only a mother could love, that was the girl on the left. There’s so much unsaid in your tale, such a mystery.

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  1. “I have a face only a mother could love.” I love that line. Sounds like they are having a hard time having a relationship. Great story! Welcome to the FFfAW challenge! We are happy you have joined us. 🙂


  2. I couldn’t resist finding out more about the photo. I came across the photo challenge blog where you found it and I wrote my own tale: Inseparable. I’m afraid it’s a rather sad one. I also entered in that photo challenge.


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