Natural Formations

Cato had elected to live a simple life. In his cave, no one came looking for him. That was why the knock at the door surprised him. Only a banjoher could knock on his barrier. Why would one of them seek him out now? A tense conversation via flag followed, and Cato retreated deeper, thinking about what his intruder had said.

The person at the door claimed to be his sister, though he had grown up as an only child. She was a banjoher, but they were rare. How likely was it that he had a secret banjoher sister? His years of dedicated study were nothing compared to what she could teach him. This was the perfect trap for a banjotak of his caliber. 

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There is no safety here, he signaled.

I am friendly. I come in peace, she replied.

You come with weapons and betrayal, he said.

I wish to entreat with you, she offered.

I will go to war before I let you pass, he retorted.
You will lose, she concluded.

Cato sized up his food supply. He could wait two weeks before stepping outside. That would give her time to admit her true motivations. Love! As if.


2 thoughts on “Natural Formations”

  1. This is fabulous, a fascinating piece of writing doubly so as I am at present reading the novels of Meg Elison a writing of the speculative future…..your writing struck a chord with me and I hope you are able to write more. Thanks so much for adding to this week’s Tale Weaver…


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