First of all, this still exists; if there are any posts anyone would like to see continued, they can just comment on that or this post.

Second of all, I'm here to talk about my writing routine. This essentially amounts to "no". My writing routine doesn't, precisely, exist. There are so many different things I'm trying to write, and at any given time I lose interest in one. The lack of feedback has historically been my biggest issue, and so here I am, aiming to get feedback.

When I draft a post for this blog (or another, as I have several ongoing fiction blogs), I'm usually in the middle of another routine activity, whether in the morning, at work, or after a long day. Half the time, I lose impetus by the time I've started.

In fact, my motivation to finish this post has fled, because I lack an interesting theme and an interesting setting. Fiction is where I thrive; writing about myself is less comfortable.


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