Invasive Intricacies

"It's an intricate problem. The roots have extended to almost every species of tree now, and several flowering plants. We can only do so much."

"Have they perfected the substitute?"

"It continues to improve, but good luck convincing the masses to go for it. It's nearly as unpopular as insect loaf."

"They must realize that they have to pick something eventually."

"If we can reduce reliance on corn for fuels, then we can take advantage of the recent upswing in anger about HFCS."

"Still, I can't see us getting there by 2130. We need alternatives."

"Fungi have been unaffected thus far far. I'd move resources to R&D there."

"I'll work on it. Things are looking up in terms of water, at least."


"It's beautiful, isn't it?"

"From a certain point of view. I can't look at it without feeling nauseous."

"We should probably both get back to work."

Prompt: Prose Challenge – Write a story in 250 words that begins with the line: “It’s an intricate problem.”


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