In the Beginning, 2.0

Terra was our first planet, and most humans view it favorably. None living have ever seen the planet, but their imaginations run wild with the possibilities. It might have recovered from the millennia of human habitation. Earth could be a lush paradise, and we would never know it.

Gaia was our second planet, and most humans remember it with longing. It was built for our needs, by our ancestors, and if they could not have predicted what we would do with it, then that was our failing.

Demeter was our third planet. When humans remember that, they remember those that diverged from us. The anthros, the cyborgs, the uploads, the tinkers, all those who traded away pieces of their humanity as if it were nothing. Humans remember it as the moment we lost most of our species.

Jord is our fourth planet. Here, we have formed our own community, away from those that have left and changed. The Earth is dead; long live the Earth.

Prompt: Tale Weaver #131


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